We supplant synthetic foams derived from burning fossil fuels with GOTS-certified organic natural latex and recycled steel coils.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to other certified organic materials like cotton, wool, and linen, which not only provide superior quality but also require less water and energy. To offset our energy use, we invest in renewable energy certificates from farms that avoid using fertilizers.


Recycled Steel Pocketed Coils

We couldn’t find springs good enough, so we created our own, by blending recycled steel with recyclable virgin steel.  To ensure excellent support and buoyancy while minimizing our environmental footprint, creating mattresses that's both eco-friendly and resilient.

Organic Non-Woven

Rather than opting for the easily available and commonly used polyurethane fibre, we choose organically sourced non-woven made from biodegradable fibres.

This breathable, water-resistant material underscores our commitment to creating ecologically responsible bedding options.

Organic Fabric

Every Organa mattress and accessories boasts organic fabrics made from a blend of GOTS certified natural cotton and naturally sheared wool.

Unlike traditional foam quilting, the mattress cover is designed with natural wool quilting, providing a luxurious, high-performance, and durable experience for a naturally soothing rest.

Biodegradable Natural Wool

We prioritize animal welfare by obtaining natural wool through a humane and cruelty-free process that promotes sheep health and well-being.

This biodegradable wool naturally decomposes, returning essential nutrients to the soil without harm. This eco-friendly quality makes it an ecological material choice, aligning with our efforts to minimize waste and promote responsible resource usage.

Eco-friendly Packing

We're not just organic in our products; it extends to our packaging too. We make sure our packaging is eco-friendly by using recyclable materials like biodegradable plastic, cardboard boxes, and labels for mattresses. This aligns with our sustainability goals, focusing on an all-around eco-friendly approach from creation to delivery.


Organic Farming of Organic Latex

Organic latex is not just good for you but also for nature. To uphold its inherent goodness, we choose sustainable, chemical-free farming methods. Saying no to synthetic pesticides and fertilizers; we opt for natural alternatives, fostering biodiversity in our plantations. It's a commitment to ensure the well-being of both you and the environment.

Organic Latex Harvest

Typical and inconsiderate harvesting methods can harm rubber trees. However, we choose safe practices for both farming and harvesting. To harvest latex, we delicately make small incisions in the tree bark, enabling latex to flow without causing harm to the tree.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Free Products

Our mattresses are safe for you and the air you breathe! They're made without any harmful emissions, keeping the air in your home clean and healthy. Enjoy a comfortable and worry-free sleep environment with our VOC-free mattresses.

Foam- free and Chemical Free

Foam and chemicals are common in the mattress industry, but commonality doesn't equate to natural goodness. In fact, it is opposite of that, so we intentionally avoid both in every product we craft. Opting for natural materials, our mattresses are free of foam and free of chemicals!