For warmth woven into every strand

Why natural wool? Because it's warm and cool. And one of the best natural fibers, cherished for softness and warmth from bedding to clothing. We don't settle for any wool; we choose the best—GOTS-certified organic wool. Responsibly sourced and expertly woven, our natural wool enhances our organic latex mattress with added warmth and luxury. Its unique thermo-regulation, breathability, flame resistance, and moisture-wicking quality produce a harmonious sleep environment. Promising a luxurious experience, blending tradition, sustainability, and sensory delight.

Purest Indian Cotton

We choose GOTS certified organic Cotton from the world’s biggest natural cotton producer— India. Grown in the lush, fertile plains of India, and handpicked by skilled natives who understand the art of cotton cultivation.

The natural cotton boasts long, fine fibers, which are turned into soft to the touch, exceptionally durable, and inherently breathable fabric. That makes every Organa mattress and bedding exceptionally luxurious, luxuriously comfortable and comfortably yours!


For sustainable Blissful Slumber

Organa continues to raise the bar for environmental and social responsibility. Our products are made with care from start to finish. We handpick natural materials and cultivate organic latex from plantations free of harmful chemicals.

Our Organic Latex, extracted from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, offers excellent ventilation and helps keep your sleeping environment healthy. With GOLS certification, you can trust that our mattresses and mattress accessories are 100% organic and sustainably produced.