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10 Tips for Buying an Eco-Friendly (Green) Mattress

Eco-friendly sustainable mattresses are one of the best solutions for avoiding chemical and foam-based sleep solutions, which can gradually harm you. These sleep solutions, like Natural Latex Mattresses, are safer...

Eco-friendly sustainable mattresses are one of the best solutions for avoiding chemical and foam-based sleep solutions, which can gradually harm you. These sleep solutions, like Natural Latex Mattresses, are safer and healthier for us and our planet.

But, with thousands of options available both online and offline, how to know which one is best? Which is actually eco-friendly? Especially when there are so many non-eco-friendly options, labelled as eco-friendly.

Top of that, how can you be certain that what you choose is truly what it claims to be?

That’s what we are here for! We have curated a list of ten best tips that can help you buy an eco-friendly mattress.

1. Prioritize Natural And Organic Materials

First, don't judge mattresses by their cover; take a look at what's inside, meaning the materials used. To truly understand the worth of something, you need to know its composition.

An environmentally friendly mattress is one made of natural and organic, chemical-free materials, grown and processed without harmful chemicals or synthetic substances. If it’s labelled as sustainable but is made from synthetic, chemical-based materials, it's not safe for the environment or you.

Natural Latex Mattress Material

When purchasing mattresses, opt for one crafted from natural materials such as organic latex, cotton, wool, and natural fabrics, rather than chemicals and foam.

Organic latex is produced in an eco-conscious manner, from seed planting to latex production, making it a great alternative to foam mattresses. Latex is also durable naturally supportive and comfortable while naturally resisting bugs and mould. Organic cotton is gentle and suitable for individuals with allergies, wool provides natural warmth without the need for chemical fire retardants.

By choosing these natural materials, you're creating a healthier sleep environment for yourself and contributing to a healthier planet.

2. Look For Certifications Such As GOTS And GOLS

When buying for an organic mattress, check for certificates ensuring sustainability, ethical material sourcing, and safe manufacturing processes. In every industry, some organizations check and review products and their manufacturing processes to ensure sustainable and fair practices, as well as to set high standards for products that fulfil strict environmental and worker safety guidelines. Some well-known Certifications For Mattresses and bedding include GOTS and GOLS.

Latex Mattress Certification

GOTS certification ensures that the fabric used is made from organic sources and produced in factories that treat their workers fairly. GOLS indicates that the latex used comes from organic rubber trees and doesn't contain any artificial additives.

By checking for these labels and certifications, you can be confident that you're Buying a Mattress that is both good for your health and the environment.

3. Avoid Harmful Chemicals

Chemicals are one the sure thing that you need to avoid if you are after eco-consciousness. Most manufacturers use various types of chemicals, for endurance and durability, in the production of foams and the end products. But these chemicals are what harm you and our environment.

Chemical-based foams heat up by absorbing heat from your body and the surrounding environment and emit hazardous gases that can enter your system via your airways.

To avoid that, choose for organic materials like latex and natural fabrics in your bedding. Look for products free from chemicals and harmful substances, like formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

4. Opt For Renewable And Biodegradable Materials

Every day, heaps of mattresses containing harmful petrochemicals are tossed out, adding to massive waste piles. These piles don’t biodegrade easily and need to be burned to be disposed of. But doing so poses a huge risk to the environment.

That's why it's important to avoid mattresses made of difficult-to-dispose materials. Instead, choose recyclable and biodegradable products to reduce their impact on the environment.

5. Consider Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

When searching for a mattress, do your research thoroughly. Check how the manufacturer produces the mattress. Do they prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility in their production process? Ask question.

Mattress Sustainable

Look into where they source their materials from, their energy usage and efficiency, and how they manage waste.

These factors play a pivotal role in determining the mattress's overall eco-friendliness. By meticulously considering these aspects, you empower yourself to make informed decisions that align with your values and contribute to a greener future.

6. Consider Durability And Longevity

When you're buying mattresses, you want them to be comfy and last a long time, right? Investing in a high-quality, durable mattress has loads of benefits. It's not just about comfort—it saves you money and helps the environment too.

Replacing mattresses often adds to landfill waste and puts a dent in your wallet. But if you choose a long-lasting and durable one, you reduce waste stay comfy for longer and save yourself the trouble of shopping for mattresses again and again. So, think about getting durable mattresses for your wallet and the planet's sake.

7. Don't Forget About Comfort And Support

Choosing sustainability doesn’t mean you have to compromise comfort because no matter what, you need comfort to sleep comfortably. Some people worry that Eco-Friendly Mattresses, lacking foam layers, might not be as comfortable. But, this isn't necessarily true. Comfort and eco-friendliness can go hand in hand. So with everything else, prioritize your comfort as well.

Latex Mattress Comfort And Support

Look for options made from natural, organic, or green materials like organic cotton, natural latex, or wool. These materials can provide both comfort and sustainability, for example, latex is naturally supportive and adapts to your body contour to offer tailored comfort.  Also, consider factors like firmness to ensure the mattress suits your sleeping preferences.

Remember, you don't have to compromise on comfort when choosing an eco-friendly mattress. It's possible to find a mattress that not only supports a healthier world but also supports a good night's sleep.

8. Minimal And Recyclable Packaging

Taking care of the environment isn't just about choosing an eco-friendly mattress; it's also about considering the packaging it comes in. Usually, most product comes in plastic packaging because it is convenient, affordable and easily accessible. But plastic packaging is bad for nature and can't be recycled, which adds a lot to the waste we already have.

So along with being conscious about the product also consider what it comes wrapped into. That's why it's important to ensure that the product you buy comes in eco-friendly, recyclable and free of plastic packaging. This not only reduces waste but also lessens the impact on the environment when the mattress is transported and delivered.

9. Warranty And Return Policy

When buying a mattress, it's important to think about the warranty and return policy. These rules ensure you're happy with your purchase and give you a way to get help if the product isn't what you expected.

With warranty coverage, you can be sure of the mattress’s quality and its durability and if something goes wrong during a certain time period you can get repair done without any worry.

A good return policy lets you return the mattress if it's not right for you, which stops unnecessary waste and makes sure you're happy. Before you decide, read over the warranty to see what it covers, like defects or repairs.

Also, learn about how you can return the mattress, including any fees or rules. Considering these things helps you Choose Mattresses with confidence, knowing you have a warranty and return policy to back you up.

10. More Than Mattress

When you're going green with your mattress, remember to do the same with your bedding! Choose pillows, Mattress Toppers, and other bedding made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, latex, and recycled fabrics.

Mattress Accessories

These options help the environment and offer multiple benefits for you, like breathability and allergy-friendliness. By picking eco-friendly bedding, you're staying true to your commitment to sustainability and ensuring a cosy and environmentally conscious sleep experience.


Eco-friendly mattresses are not just sustainable and good for nature but also good for you and your sleep. That’s why it’s good to go green.

To help you find eco-friendly mattresses, we have gathered these tips that include considering materials checking for certifications, and from sustainable manufacturing processes to choosing minimal packaging.

By using these tips to make an informed choice and considering the environmental impact of your purchase, you can sleep soundly knowing that your mattress is not only good for you but also for the planet.

To find such products, check out our product collection and find your comfort, naturally!


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